Pure Forskolin for Weight Loss – But Does This Supplement Work?

By now you’ve probably heard the overwhelming amount of media attention that pure Forskolin extract has received for it’s amazing fat burning & weight loss results.  Everyone from doctors, to talk show hosts and even celebrities are praising this new diet supplement as their go-to weight loss formula.  Some have even called it “lightning in a bottle”.  Forskolin isn’t a newly discovered secret mind you.  It’s been used in Asian and Indian cultures for centuries to help boost the body’s natural energy production and stop glucose from being converted into body fat.  You don’t even have to be working out on a regular basis to see very obvious results from Forskolin.  However, combined with a cardio and fitness regimen, it will produce even better results that will amaze you. We invite you to get your risk free trial bottle and see for yourself.

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What is Pure Forskolin Extract?

9724791_s_001As this Drugs.com article discusses, Forskolin is an extract of the Indian Coleus plant, which is native to tropical regions and is often used as a home remedy for a variety of illnesses. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is used to treat heart disease. In Brazil and other Latin American countries, it is commonly used to resolve digestive problems brought on by alcohol consumption or fatty foods. This precise use of the plant makes Forskolin a natural fat buster.

In 2014, Dr. Oz brought Forskolin to national attention on his popular TV show as a way to achieve a slim figure while exercising and dieting. This natural supplement has enjoyed considerable success and popularity ever since. If you’re looking to burn excess fat and support the development of healthy, lean muscle mass, then Forskolin is a great choice.

Forskolin Health Benefits


Forskolin supplement is the new super herb that just happens to be thousands of years old.  The supplements ability to reduce weight, tone muscle and create more energy is what makes it so effective. Dr. Oz describes this amazing supplement as the “rapid belly-melt for everybody type”. If you are unsure if this supplement is right for you or don’t quite understand the Forskolin benefits here are the top five  Forskolin benefits.

1. Weight Loss

Weight Loss Forskolin is an extract from the roots of the Coleus forskohlii plant. This perennial herb with fleshy fibrous roots is a member of the mint family of plants. Grown in the warm subtropics of Indian, Burma and Thailand this all-natural supplement is being praised as the “miracle cure” for obesity.

2. Lowers Blood Pressure

Official medical research and clinical testing on the benefits of this supplement began in the mid-1980’s. Practitioners who were treating patients who suffered from cardiovascular disease conditions originally prescribed Forskolin. The supplement’s ability to in creasethe adenylate cyclase activity (also know as metabolic rate), and lower blood pressure levels provided great promise in the field of medicine.

3. Helps you burn calories fast

The human body is a machine that requires a sufficient amount of wholesome fuel (healthy diet) and hydration (water intake)to achieve balance. When either of these two factors is out of balance the result is excess weight, bloating, indigestion and an overall under performance of energy production. For example: A diet high in refined sugars and processed foods results in the consumption of calories that exceed the daily amount required and causes the body to produce excess fat. There is a standard level of calories that your body can naturally breakdown in order to produce energy.  In order to maintain these levels the over consumption of calories requires the additional production of energy in order to burn them off e.g. exercise.

Thanks to these Forskolin benefits, your body is optimized to produce the greatest amount of energy and therefore burn off more calories.

4. Helps to boost your metabolism

The daily dosage of Forskolin (a minimum of 250 gms per day) causes an enzymic chain reaction to your metabolic rate. This causes your body to increase your metabolism, burn more energy and lower your heart rate. This systemic process causes your body to break down the energy consumed in your digestive system. The more sugar you ingest the greater amount of energy required to burn off this energy. Failure to match your energy level to the amount of calories ingested results in the production of excess fat. Forskolin benefits you by optimizing your body’s metabolic rate to ensure that your body is operating at it’s highest rate without you having to exert any physical energy, while burning off fat at the same time.  Forskolin is also one of the key ingredients in the amazingly popular RapidTone diet.

5. Forskolin is not a diet fad, it’s a supplement that is part of your lifestyle

Forskolin is designed to help optimize and balance your body’s production of energy. The longer you take it your body will be able to restore itself back to the optimum and standard weight for your body type.  This means that taking Forskolin for a prolonged period will not allow you to drop to an unhealthy weight. This supplement is not an appetite suppressant. This supplement is designed to optimize your metabolism. Once your body has achieved balance the affects of Forskolin, and the benefits, will normalize, as your energy intake and fat production will be equal.

There are many more Forskolin benefits but let’s get to the point; You are here because you want to lose weight. Our Forskolin 125 Mg pills are probably perfect for you. You can order a free trial here if you are ready to start burning the weight off.

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How Does Forskolin Extract Aid Weight Loss?

Lost and Gained weightForskolin works by inducing the breakdown of fat cells (lipolysis) through thermogenesis, which raises your metabolic rate and helps you burn fat off faster. Your heart will work harder and faster to pump blood through the body, with blood vessels widening to accommodate the blood flowing through them.

In essence, Forskolin turns up the heat and encourages your body to start breaking down and burning off those stubborn fat cells. It raises levels of Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (c-AMP) in the body, a function responsible for cell communication and neurotransmitter function. In some medical studies, overweight or obese subjects showed poor c-AMP levels, which may be a clue as to why stubborn fat may remain a problem for many individuals. Forskolin’s effects on weight loss are promising, natural and safe.

5 Great Reasons to Try Forskolin


A Popular Supplement

Forskolin extract has become so popular that you will find it in nearly all holistic and health food stores.  Prices will vary depending on the brand, but you can expect to pay upwards of $70 for a month supply.  This is why I recommend you take advantage of the free trial offer here, so you can see if it’s right for you.  I’m very confident that once you start using Forskolin, the results will speak for themselves and you’ll become a believer.  There have been several scientific studies which have shown that cAMP, the active ingredient in Forskolin, can help keep weight off when compared to a placebo.   You’ll find doctors, celebrities and other health nuts touting the benefits of this great diet supplement.

Celebrity Endorsements

If you watch any daytime television, then you’ve probably seen Dr. Oz refer to Forskolin as “lightning in a bottle”.  He was amazed how effective this simple supplement was in burning fat and keeping weight off,  while improving overall health.  There are also many other popular celebrities and personalities that have used Forskolin to lose weight and boost metabolism energy.  I don’t have permission to use their names here, but trust me when I say that they are big names that you’ve seen on TV and movies.

It’s Simple to Take

All you have to do is take the 250mg capsules as directed before meals and you will start benefiting from Forskolin immediately.  You need to make sure the product you’re taking is as pure as possible, or you may not get the results you want.  You may find some negative reviews of forskolin out there from people who did not see the weight loss benefits, but in most cases, these people were not using a quality product or they weren’t following the recommended directions for use.

Forskolin Side Effects

Doctor shows information on blackboard: side effectsForskolin may cause some adverse reactions, such as low blood pressure, flushing or an irregular heart rate, so if you have a heart condition or kidney issues of any kind, talk to your doctor before taking it. Children and pregnant woman should not use Forskolin as few studies have been performed to ensure its efficacy and safety in these groups.

If you use medication for high blood pressure, nitrates for blood flow to the heart, or anti-coagulants of any kind, you should not take Forskolin, as it raises blood pressure and increases blood flow. The extract can have major interactions with these drugs.  Forskolin Bell Buster has been known to cause stomach irritation in the first few days of taking your initial 250mg dosage.  It’s recommended you discontinue use if you notice stomach problems after more than 3 days.

All supplements and medicines have side effects, but Forskolin is safe to use for most people. You should always follow a healthy lifestyle while taking any supplement to make sure that you get the most out of it while reducing the risk of any side effects.

Forskolin Dosage Recommendations

DosageWhat is the correct forskolin dosage? When you get a free forskolin trial offer, you will most likely receive either forskolin 125mg or 250mg supplement caplets.  When taking forskolin for weight loss, you should take 250mg twice daily (assuming 10% purity).  If your trial comes with 125mg caplets, you will need to take 4 daily to see the same results.  The recommend forskolin dosage will always be printed on the label, so please follow accordingly. As always, consult with your doctor before starting any supplement plan.  We advise taking your forskolin supplement 15-20 minutes prior to eating.  This is also an optimal time to take it because studies have shown the active ingredient in forskolin to help suppress appetite.

Where Can I Buy Forskolin?

By now you’re probably wondering where to buy forskolin? Forskolin is sold by trusted supplement retailers online in capsule form without unknown additives or useless fillers and is filled with the extract you need to kick-start and maintain your weight loss regimen. VitaX Forskolin is one of the top rated forskolin products on the market.  .  Supplies are limited, so grab a bottle while they’re around.  After you see the amazing weight loss benefit,  you’ll wonder why you never used the supplement to help with your weight loss plan. 

When used in coordination with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you’ll find that Forskolin is an incredible natural weight loss supplement that will change the way you approach health and vitality.

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Forskolin Reviews & Results

amy marks bikini

This is My Honest Review of Forskolin Extract

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several years, you’ve probably seen a lot of ads on TV and magazines for all sorts of weight loss tricks, pills, diets etc. When I finally decided I needed to start losing weight, I figured I’d try one of the green coffee bean diet products on the market. I honestly can’t even remember the name. I used it for a few weeks and saw zero benefit. Ok, I wasn’t really watching what I was eating at the time, so it’s probably my fault it didn’t help at all. So I started walking a few times a week. I also began keeping a better eye on my daily snacks and meal portions and guess what; I lost a few pounds. Yay! This was great, but it slowly tapered off and I only lost 6-7 pounds in the first couple weeks. This is when I looked into some other supplements and found something called pure forskolin extract.

I have to admit that I was skeptical from the beginning, having had zero luck with the green coffee bean stuff. I had never heard of forskolin extract before this, even though it’s been around for hundreds of years. Basically it’s an extract from a plant in the mint family. Asian and Indian cultures have been using it for years to help control appetite and boost metabolism. After looking into it a bit more, I found that several big name celebrities have been using it as a supplement for weight loss and some popular doctors & daytime TV personalities have also endorsed it as well. Come to find out it’s been one of the most popular weight loss supplements on the market for about 3 years. Who knew?

I still wasn’t entirely convinced it wasn’t a scam, but seeing as that I was still 100+ pounds overweight, and my current plan just wasn’t getting the job done, I figured I’d break down and give it a shot. Boy am I glad I did. The product I ended up using was called Elite Forskolin. It’s a completely pure, organic product and was rated one of the best organic supplements on the market.

How Forskolin Works for Weight Loss

It’s surprisingly simple actually. Forskolin contains an enzyme called Cyclic AMP or cAMP. This enzyme takes the extra sugar in your body, that would normally be converted into fat cells, and stops that process from happening. It actually takes those carbohydrates and turns them into additional energy instead. So basically you’re not putting on the additional weight, plus you’re gaining an energy boost in the process. Sounds like a win/win to me. Forskolin also helps decrease the hormone in your body that regulates your appetite. So as your appetite decreases, you eat less and gain less weight.

My Journey

I got a free bottle of Forskolin to see if I noticed any results and was amazed that I started burning off the pounds very quickly. I still kept up my walking regimen and watching my diet, but it took me about 6 months and I had lost my first 50 pounds. I think the forskolin reached it’s peak at about that point, because from there, I wasn’t losing as much per week, but it was still a steady 5 pounds every 7-10 days. I’m now down to about 130 pounds and I can’t tell you how excited I am. I will be completely happy with my body at around 120 pounds. I’m 5’8″, so that’s about a perfect weight for my size.

My Advice To You

First, make the commitment today to start eating better and exercising, even if it’s only a couple times a week. If you want to see a very nice initial weight loss, visit the Forskolin website here. Get a free trial bottle and combine that with your new eating and fitness plan. Stick to it though! Use the it exactly like the directions tell you. This will give you the best chances of seeing the results you want After a couple months, if you notice your weight loss slowing, you may not need to continue on forskolin. From what I’ve read it can lose it’s overall effectiveness after a while. This is ok. You got that initial weight loss out of the way, now you can up your fitness regimen and continue eating healthy. From here, it’s up to you how far you want to go. Not everyone will have the same results, with or without using organic diet supplements, but you won’t know until you try. Just getting started is the first step. I know you can do it, just like I did.

If you have any questions or need some motivation to get going, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to hear your story and help you any way I can. Please check back here often, because I’m going to be adding some healthy recipes I’m loving and fun exercises you can do in just a few minutes a day.